Ray Lavender

NASA Globe

NASA globe outside the Kennedy Space Center. The external fuel tank and solid rocker boosters from the space shuttle rise in the background.

Hubble Telescope

A fisheye view of a model of the Hubble telescope in the Shuttle Enterprise gallery.

Atlantis Canadarm

Wide angle shot of the Space Shuttle Atlantis with the bay doors open and the Canadarm extended.

Hall of Mission Patches

The hallway of badges for the Space Shuttle flights. a total of 135 flights were completed with the unfortunate loss of 2 shuttles and their crews.

Apollo 14 Command Module

Apollo 14 Command Module that took Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa and Ed Mitchell to the moon.

Saturn V

The immense Saturn V rocket (all 363 feet of it) that took man to the moon. Almost 9 million pounds of thrust from the three stages.

Kennedy VAB

View of the massive Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) where the Apollo rockets and space shuttles were assembled.

CM and LEM

View of the Command Module (CM) and Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) hanging in Saturn V gallery at the Kennedy Space Center.

Apollo Suit

Apollo space suit use to take men to the moon.

Crawler Transport

The huge crawler transporter that moved the Apollo rockets and the space shuttles form the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to launch pads 39A and 39B.

Saturn 1st Stage

The five massive engines of the Saturn V first stage.

Rocket Garden at Kennedy

Fisheye view of the Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center.